The day before the Relays was Friday 13th. Contrary to popular belief, it was not an unlucky day for two of our Harriers. In fact it was the complete opposite as Ian and Sarah tied the knot! Congratulations to this well suited pair. (An attempt to save on annual subs)?

Two weeks later saw this new couple compete in the Wedding day 7km, how appropriate. Sarah finished in 30.57, Ian 38.42

And now…Results.

First claim harriers performed this month at various parkrun venues.

Poole: Mike Hughes 23:08 Jeanette Pike 26:36

Blandford: Sarah Chaloner 21:54

Stratford-upon-Avon: Bob Barnett 25.22

Poole: Sarah Chaloner 21.50 Becky Collins 24:39 Martin Coombes 24:45 (chicked!) Bob Barnet 25:55

Bournemouth: Gerard Lissenburg 21:43

Chipping Sodbury: Mike Hughes 25.01

Poole: Bob Barnet 25.32 Mike Hughes 25:34

Kingston: Sarah Chaloner 27.12

Lymington Woodside Gerard Lissenburg 22.31


Poole: Sarah Chaloner 51:19 (post nuptials)!


Holton Lee relays. 68 competitive teams.

Mixed team.

HH Aces 20th overall, 11th Mixed Team Mike Hirst 21:09 Gerard Lissenburg 22:41 Becky Collins 25:24 Mick Fleck 22:19 Bob Barnet 26:29

HH Kings 48th overall, 34th mixed team. Mike Hughes 24:52, Jeanette Pike 26:38, Carol Baker 27:30 Becky Dwyer 30:21, Kevin Dwyer 32:34

Also, a special mention to Team Extreme Edwards, 24th overall, 15th Mixed Team Ian Edwards+Sarah Chaloner and their family.

Well done to all you racers, may all your blisters be little ones.