Hamworthy Harriers
Newsletter August 2017.

Good grief, it’s August already! How time flies when you’re enjoying yourself.

Lots of activity to report this month. In our running community, all of the usual suspects have been completing their various forms of torture. Be it parkrun, Dorset Road Race league, White Star events, etc, etc.


Poole Parkrun 332.
Terri and John (Iberian branch); Geoff; Andy H; Martin; BarnesI; Andy C; Mike Hu (Wales branch); Ian; Mark (Aussie branch); Sarah; Jeanette; Mike Hi. Plus Poppy & Alfie (canine branch).

We welcome Ian Edwards back to the running scene following the successful removal of some medial meniscus. Don’t do too much too soon would seem to be the best advice.

The main event for us in August was of course the Hamworthy Harriers 30th Anniversary Celebration at The Hamworthy Club. And what an evening it was. Who knew there were so many of us? Old faces, new faces, faces from the antipodes, faces from the Iberian peninsula, all met up to mull over old times and renew friendships. The atmosphere was fantastic, helped along by the continual slide show of pictures showing Harriers at events dating back to almost the first year of the clubs history. Thanks Mike H for putting this together. If anybody wants any of the pictures for their own collection, I’m sure Mike will be pleased to supply them, just let him know. After one or two hydration intervals and a quick watch of Mo Farah running the 5000 at the world champs, we were duly seated with our meal for the evening.


Post repast, we heard a few words from Bruce, tracing the history of The Harriers from the early days up to the present. He gave a well earned shout out to our ‘founding fathers’ and mention was made of ours heroes, past and present.

No celebration would be complete without a cake, and this evening we were not disappointed.


Special thanks to Jeanette Pike and Pam Rodan, seen here cutting the Harriers colours cake, and jolly tasty it was too.


Bruce presented Pam with a token of appreciation for the efforts put into the club by her and her husband, the late, great, John Rodan. I can still hear his words of encouragement, “get a bloody move on”, whilst supporting runners at Hampshire XC events.
In closing, I’m sure you will all join me in a vote of thanks to the committee for arranging this grand occasion.
Hip-hoorah x3 plus applause.